Ways You Can Create a Fishtail Braid Hairstyle

Fishtail braiding is a hairstyle that has been around for centuries, but it’s recently become popular again. It doesn’t look very easy, but it can be done in just 10 minutes once you get the hang of it.

Fishtail braids are great because they look good on any length of hair and all types of hair textures (fine, thick, or curly). They’re also easy to take out if you want to change up your style later in the day!

If you have long bangs, try pulling them back when doing this braid, so they don’t end up sticking out at an awkward

Do you feel your hair is too long to wear down but not long enough for a braided updo? If so, try the fishtail braid hairstyle. This style takes less than five minutes and can be done on any length of hair. Get started by parting your hair in two sections and then creating three small french braids: one at the front of your head, one in the middle of your head, and then one at the back of your head. Next, take each french braid from either side (either front or back) cross it over itself until it creates a fishtail pattern. Finally, use an elastic band to tie off each end.

fishtail braids

Fishtail braid step by step

Fishtail braids are a great way to add some interest and flair to your hair. The best part about them is that they can be done on wet or dry hair, which means you won’t need to spend the morning getting ready.

To get started, divide your hair in half vertically, cross one side over the other, and then bring it back up through the hole you created. Next, take a small section from underneath the first horizontal strand of hair (closest to your face) with your left hand and put it over the top piece of hair (closest to your face). Then take another small section from underneath that same vertical piece of hair with your right hand and put it over that same piece of hair. Continue alternating hands.

Cross the right section over the left, then tuck it under itself. Repeat this process with all left sections going over the right ones. When finished, pull out any ends sticking out using your fingers or a brush. Finish off with hairspray.

Fishtail braids for black hair

Fishtail braids are a great way to add some style and flair to your everyday look. Not only are they fashionable, but fishtail braids can also be used as a protective hairstyle. They’re an excellent option for those with African American hair who want to keep their natural texture without using heat or chemical treatments on their hair. Fishtail braids offer many benefits, including versatility, low maintenance, and protection from breakage in the winter months. Have you ever tried fishtails? If not- you should!