story of the layer shaggy haircuts

The Evolution of Layered Shaggy Haircuts from the ’70s to Today

Ever wonder why layered shaggy haircuts have been a go-to style for decades? These iconic haircuts first made a splash in the '70s, bringing a fresh, carefree vibe to the fashion scene. From rock stars to Hollywood icons, everyone seemed to be rocking those choppy layers and fringed ends. But the story of the layer shaggy haircuts doesn’t stop there—it’s a tale of evolution, adaptation, and timeless appeal.Read More

Tips to Apply Makeup to Oily Skin

Who doesn’t love makeup? The bright colors, the way it can make you feel unique and confident. But for all of us with oilskin, applying makeup to a face is a challenge. So if you’re like to take back control of your oily routine, this article is for you. Makeup can be tricky to wear […]Read More